About the Law Center

The First Liberty

“We need to affirm and appreciate the foundational primacy of freedom of conscience and religious freedom. It’s under a cloud today, dismissed as a cover for discrimination or bigotry or hatred, but it’s the first of the political rights … if you work out the logic of each of the rights—freedom of association depends on freedom of speech, freedom of speech assumes and requires freedom of conscience, and when the inner forum of the conscience is respected, then the outer forum of the public square can be protected, too.”

–Os Guinness, Historian and Author

Justice & Freedom Law Center: Advancing Self-Evident Truths.


Our Mission is to defend human life at all stages and to defend the rights of the people to freely exercise their religion, as well as all the other First Amendment freedoms that depend on that first freedom. We protect and advance self-evident truth through advocacy in courts of law and courts of public opinion, and through legislative policy development and education.


About Us

The Justice & Freedom Law Center is a public-interest law firm affiliated with the Illinois Family Institute, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization funded through tax-deductible contributions that work to preserve religious liberty, promote marriage and the family, and protect human life.